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Parents marry off their twin children to one another, believing them to be lovers in their past life




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Thai parents, 31-year-old Amornsan Sunthorn Malirat and 30-year-old Phacharaporn, have gotten their twin married, believing the siblings to be lovers in their past . Both children, named Guitar and Kiwi, are six.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, the parents said that they knew from the moment that their were born that the children would have to be married to one another.

is believed that the parents subscribe to an ancient belief that says that have karma from a past relationship and may be reborn together if the debt was not settled. The belief prescribes that must be married to one another quickly or risk bad luck in the .

Amornsan told reporters: “We must arrange a for the two twins as a solution to the issues they had before they were re-born. If they are married, they will live healthy and successful lives and not be sick.”

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According to the local press, the pre-schoolers were married off in a lavish Buddhist ceremony that cost thousands of dollars, surrounded by their parents’ , neighbours and relatives.

Guitar reportedly had to pay 200,000 baht cash and gold worth around 50,000 baht as dowry to marry his twin sister. The young groom also had to participate in a game that involves him walking through nine gates to meet the child bride.

The traditional ceremony included a street procession that saw guests and playing musical instruments on the streets before Guitar gives Kiwi a kiss on her cheek.

The twins’ mother said: “They were both so sweet during their wedding. They will be the best of friends for the rest of their lives.”

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She added that since the ceremony is only meant to ward off bad luck and is not legally binding, the twins are free to find their own partners when they come of age.

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