Business & EconomyPelosi assault theory: "I apologize," says Elon Musk

Pelosi assault theory: “I apologize,” says Elon Musk

Famous Twitter honcho Elon Musk expressed regret for spreading an unsubstantiated theory about the brutal assault on Paul Pelosi, husband of former speaker of the House Rep. Nancy Pelosi inside his home last October.

The “theory” was disseminated to his 126 million social media followers but also read by non-followers.

Sorry Pelosi?

I apologize,” Musk said.

However, Musk did not categorically condemn or dishonor the theory that the attack was part of some kind of argument with a male escort. He indicated through a tweet that he still believed it could be true.

At present, David DePape is in prison awaiting trial on several charges in the attack, including attempted murder and elderly abuse.

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In a call from prison Friday to a San Francisco TV station, he reportedly said he regretted that he “didn’t get more of them,” apparently referring to Democratic lawmakers. Investigators said he was after Nancy Pelosi when he broke into the couple’s San Francisco home.

Immediately after the attack, Musk linked to an article in the Santa Monica Observer maintained that the attack took place because an intoxicated Pelosi had a tiff with a male escort. Although none of that was true, Musk still wrote: “There is a tiny possibility there might be more to this story than meets the eye.”

It could not immediately be determined if Musk had reached out to the family to apologize — or if such an apology was accepted, given that he hadn’t retracted his statements.

One Twitter user wrote: “Idiots on the left want @elonmusk to apologize to the Pelosis. For what? It is still a questionable and bizarre situation between two men in their underwear.”

Instead of withdrawing his theory, Musk responded: “Nonetheless, I apologize.”


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Musk’s attack on Pelosi was reminiscent of his slam on British cave explorer Vernon Unsworth, who risked his life participating in the rescue of 12 boys and their soccer coach trapped for weeks in a flooded Thailand cave in 2018.

Amid a Twitter spat about how to rescue the boys, Musk insulted the rescuer.”

After he was sued for defamation in that case, Musk testified in a Los Angeles Court that he used the word “p” merely as an “insult” — not as a statement of fact. He only intended to insult the “creepy old man,” Musk asserted.

It seems the world’s richest tweeter cannot help himself tweeting before verifying facts.

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