UncategorizedPH creative industries get a much needed boost

PH creative industries get a much needed boost

Manila, Aug. 12 — There is a new law – Republic Act 11904 – that carries a lot of promise for the erstwhile forgotten creative industry sector, an important segment of the national economy that provides jobs and livelihood for a good number of Filipinos.

The measure, called the Philippine Creative Industries Development Act, was passed by the 18th Congress and lapsed into law last month, mandating state support for the promotion and development of Philippine creatives by protecting and strengthening the rights and capacities of creative firms, artists, artisans, creators, workers, indigenous cultural communities, content providers, and other stakeholders in the creative industries.

Pangasinan 4th district Rep. Christopher de Venecia, principal author of the Philippine Creative Industries Development Act, believes that with the new law, the local creative industries will be globally competitive. He envisions that the creative industry sector will have an accelerated growth, making it an important driver of economic development.

RA 11904 defines the creative industries as “trades involving persons, whether natural or juridical, that produce cultural, artistic, and innovative goods and services originating in human creativity, skill, and talent, and having a potential to create wealth and livelihood through the generation and utilization of intellectual property.”

It said creative industries include these domains: audiovisual media (vlogs, films, television, animatronix, broadcasts, music); digital interactive media (software and mobile apps, video games, digitized creative content); creative services (creative research, development, and real-time artistic performances); design (fashion, toy making, footwear making, textile development, urban landscaping, jewelry making); publishing and printed media (comics, blogs, magazines, published media); performing arts (musical theater, circus, opera, puppetry); visual arts (drawings, sculptors, paintings, photographs); traditional cultural expressions (arts and craft, gastronomy); and cultural sites (museums, cultural exhibitions).

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Meanwhile, Sen. Loren Legarda, who co-authored the measure in the House of Representatives, cited the law as a significant milestone for creative industries. She said the law recognizes and protects individuals whose skills and ingenuity are being offered for the creative expression of the arts and for helping the country achieve a stronger economy.

“The Philippine creative industry is appreciated and recognized globally. It is prudent for the government to see how it can protect and nurture the excellence of the movers of this industry,” Legarda said.

We note the efforts of lawmakers in the 18th Congress such as Legarda and De Venecia in passing pieces of legislation that will enhance the creativity of Filipinos and provide them additional sources of income.

Congressman De Venecia, who is also the chairman of the House special committee on creative industries and performing arts, said the creatives compose a “sector that has managed to survive and even thrive on its own, but with institutionalized support from the state, it will really help the creative industry sector grow and accelerate to the point where we want it to be, which is by 2030, the Philippines will be the number one creative economy in all of Asia.”

Senator Legarda and Congressman De Venecia said the establishment of the Philippine Creative Industries Development Council, under the auspices of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), will institutionalize state support for the creative industries.

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The council is tasked to guarantee the long-term development of the creative industries so that those who belong to it can reap the continuing creation of industry jobs and provide incentives to encourage and sustain Filipino excellence in these activities.

At a time when the national economy faces headwinds in its march to recovery, every measure to provide jobs and enhance the people’s livelihood is much appreciated.For any query with respect to this article or any other content requirement, please contact Editor at contentservices@htlive.comManila Bulletin

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