Wednesday, June 29, 2022
Pierre Png was upset that so many people were out in park

Pierre Png was upset that so many people were out in park

Actor has been staying home with wife, speaks to parents on the phone

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Like most Singaporeans, actor Pierre Png has been adhering to the Covid-19 circuit breaker by staying at home. He was, therefore, so upset by a photo on a friend’s Facebook page that showed a huge crowd in a park on Saturday (April 11) that he used it on his own page to criticise such behaviour.

In an interview reported on on Thursday (April 16), Png said again that irresponsible people were risking their health and those of others just to enjoy a bit of fresh air. He was also worried that there would not be enough face masks for everyone.

Png spoke about staying at home. The 46-year-old actor said that he was enjoying home-cooked meals by his wife of 16 years, Andrea De Cruz.

Being under quarantine with his wife had been good, according to Png. They did not quarrel but had a few “discussions”. The couple also made it a point to give each other space.

Png had not seen his parents for about a month ago but felt that safe distancing was the best option now for the safety of everyone. He added that phone calls with his parents were more special now that he cannot meet them, although it would be better if he could hug his mother or talk to his father in person.

Pierre Png shares his view about the Covid-19 situation. Picture: Instagram

The veteran actor said that he had been watching what he ate, playing guitar at home, working out with friend Allan Wu on Instagram, playing with his dog and taking care of his plants.

Before the circuit breaker, Png and De Cruz had distributed food to those in need. The experience opened his eyes to the living conditions of those less fortunate and he said that we should not just count our blessings but do more for others.

The actor’s latest drama is My Guardian Angels where he stars with Zoe Tay. He said he was nervous playing opposite her as he had grown up watching her on TV. He said Tay would buy snacks for everybody but ended up eating them because she liked to snack. /TISG

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