Police shut down sick website renting children as young as 5 to pedophiles

Russian law enforcement has shut down a sick website that rented out children as young as five years old to pedophiles. The website was disguised as a business renting out children’s clothes worn by underage models but investigators quickly deduced that it was the models who were being rented – not the clothes they were wearing.

Local reports from Moscow have revealed that young boys and girls aged five and above were “rented” to child rapists for an hourly rate of over USD $520 – $1520.

One eight-year-old child was being advertised for over $520 per hour while a five-year-old fetched over $1520 per hour. A six-year-old boy and a seven-year-old child were also listed for nearly $600 per hour each.

A picture of “an absolutely naked child on a beach holiday” was also present on the website. The website’s name, CPidzhak, also aroused suspicion since the letters CP are seen to stand for “child pornography”.

The organisers of the business also offered delivery services, sending and fetching children to and from the locations of their customers. The revolting website reportedly offered:

“delivery across Moscow and Moscow region around the clock with no days off. We deliver rented clothing in our own transport that we use to take [it] back. If you have no opportunity to use rented product at your (home), we have our own comfortable spaces in Moscow.”

Revealing that the business owners offered delivery to customers outside Moscow “for an additional payment,” local news channel 360TV reported that the organisers were “delivering little victims of violence in a car – and taking them back in the same car”.

Another press report revealed: “Everything suggested child prostitution. Photos of children, their ages and names, prices, detailed information about ‘delivery’ of the product and opportunities to order a comfortable place for using the product – (these are) unambiguous references.”

Russian Investigative Committee spokesperson Yulia Ivanova confirmed: “According to the media, the creators of the website advertising clothing for children were in fact making a profit…offering services renting out children for prostitution.”

The business operators also only accepted cryptocurrency as payment for services and used a web messenger known for its secrecy to conduct deals, in efforts to remain anonymous.

Two sick client testimonies left by satisfied customers was widely considered the nail in the coffin for investigators. One client, whose username in the website was “connoisseur,” said: “What is offered by cpidzhak website is a lot more pleasant than any CP video or photo! Trust me! It’s like heroin!

“Now you don’t need to watch child porn…or CP, just choose the ‘product’ in the shop’s catalogue and contact managers through the website or (web messenger). If you use the services, unforgettable joy not compatible to anything else is awaiting for you!”

Another client commented that “everything was to top standard” and added: “I had unforgettable time and I wanted to express my sincere gratitude.”