Home Asia Polygamous Indonesian MP shows off his three wives on inauguration day

Polygamous Indonesian MP shows off his three wives on inauguration day

National (NasDem) politician Achmad Fadil Muzakki Syah said his three wives were always together and they all lived in perfect harmony




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An Indonesian MP brought his three wives to his inauguration at Parliament or House of Representatives in Jakarta, starting a frenzy on as well as in the local media.

The MP was elected in East Java where his as a polygamous husband was already well documented and did not have any negative impact on  chances.

The National Democratic Party (NasDem) politician Achmad Fadil Muzakki Syah better known as Lora Fadil was formally inducted in the house for the 2019-2024 term.

But what got tongues waggling was his bravado in showing off his three wives, all wearing blue dresses, before and after the official ceremony.

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Under Indonesian laws, a Muslim can have more than one wife, which is also a custom supported by Islamic laws.

In past interviews, Lora Fadil said his wives were always together and the first two wives lived in the same house in complete harmony.

was only his third wife lived separately in her own house but she spends the entire day with the other two in their house.

The photos of Lora with his three wives in blue went viral, with none being too shocked at his brazenness.

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Not long ago, had a vice-president who also practiced . Hamzah Haz, 79, was vice-president during President Sukarnoputri’s reign. He held the post between 2001 and 2004.

Officially, he had two wives with whom he had a total of 12 but sources say he also had a third wife with whom he had another three .

He was the leader of the Parti Persatuan Pembangunan or the United Development Party and his son, Nur Agus Haz is a member of the Parliament.

Meanwhile, Lora said the presence of his three wives, Siti Aminah, Yeni Kurnia, and Novita, at the inauguration ceremony, demonstrates the harmony in his family.

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He told the media he got married legally through rites and also through civil .

There are multiple video interviews of the MP on showing the three women happily discussing daily issues with their husband, or attending to the needs of the children. He has seven children.

Responding to his photo with his wife going viral, he says this can be an example of how polygamy can bring harmony. -/TISG

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