Popular Singaporean blogger Xiaxue launches make-up line

Popular Singaporean blogger Xiaxue launches make-up line

The first items are false eyelashes and 3 of the 4 designs are already sold out

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Singapore — Blogger Xiaxue, or Wendy Cheng Yan Yan, is one of the most popular online personalities in South-east Asia.

She is known for her beauty tips and has done make-up tutorials on YouTube, including one for those who want to look like film star Angelina Jolie.

On Jan 20, Xiaxue teased her 600,000 followers on Instagram, saying that she had an announcement to make. The next day, she revealed that she was starting a make-up line called Plastic Cosmetics. The blogger has been public about undergoing plastic surgery so it is not surprising that the make-up line has a familiar name.

The first items are the false eyelashes. Regular falsies require glue to be attached to the eyelids. Plastic Cosmetics falsies are attached in a different way. One applies the Plastic Cosmetics eyeliner, waits for it to dry and then attaches the falsies.

Xiaxue launches make-up line. Picture: Instagram

Plastic Cosmetics falsies are available in four designs: Dolly Lashes, Glamorous Lashes, Natural Lashes and Sultry Lashes. Only Glamourous Lashes are available at the moment because all the others are sold out.

They are packed in a pink glitter box, which comes with three pairs of falsies and eyeliner. The eyeliner is water-proof and the falsies are reusable. However, they may not stick as well if the eyelids are oily. It may then be necessary to use a little powder on the eyelids.

Each box costs S$49.90 and can be purchased from the Plastic Cosmetics website.

Xiaxue shared on Instagram that she had always wanted to start her own make-up line. Her fans had encourage her to start one but she did not want to do so just for the sake of it. She felt that she should launch a line only if her products were either amazing or revolutionary.

It was, however, a bitter-sweet launch. A good friend’s mother passed away around that time. Xiaxue said she would be there for her friend but added that she would send out the Plastic Cosmetics items as soon as possible.

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