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President Trump roasted online for hogging umbrella and leaving the First Lady to get soaked in the




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is being vilified on after recent photos appearing to show him “hogging” an umbrella and leaving his wife, First Lady Melania , to get soaked in the rain went .

The President was spotted in what some users are calling an “unchivalrous” move as he and Melania were heading across the White House lawn, towards the President’s Marine One .

The pair were due to look at the “total devastation” that Hurricane Michael wreaked upon the state’s Panhandle, particularly . The head of state headed to meet with survivors, provide water and assure them that providing food and safety for them is the utmost priority.

The President and the First Lady shared a rather large umbrella as they sauntered across the lawn. As the President stopped to speak to reporters, he moved closer to the microphones and left his wife without shelter.

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users came out to flame the President as soon as the photos were published online. One netizen wrote, “Trump standing with the massive umbrella over him while his wife gets rained on just says so much,” as another said: “Trump being an unchivalrous ass**** and hogging the umbrella, as per usual.”

Yet another Twitter user jibed, “’s because his is going to melt off,” as someone else commented, “That woman is the definition of a long-suffering wife.”

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