EntertainmentCelebrityPrince Andrew documentary reveals more on the alleged sex addiction

Prince Andrew documentary reveals more on the alleged sex addiction

In a new documentary titled “Prince Andrew: Banished” which is available on Peacock, Prince Andrew, the Duke of York and third child of the late Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, details how the Prince has a ‘revolving door’ of women ‘entering his bedroom’.


Prince Andrew was known to have women visiting him in Buckingham Palace, as alleged by a former royal staff member. Paul Page, a former royal protection officer reveals more in the documentary.

“We used to have a joke that he should have a revolving door in his bedroom,” he shares. Page then adds, “The amount of women going in and out of there, it was just literally every other day someone would be coming in to see him … a different one every time.”

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In 2021, Prince Andrew was stripped off his military titles over allegations of sexually assaulting Virginia Giuffre. Prince Andrew is also associated with American financier and sex offender Jeffrey Epstein who was accused of sex-trafficking Giuffre to Prince Andrew when she was 17 years old.

In May 2020, Prince Andrew stepped down from royal duties while his honorary military affiliations and royal charitable patronages were removed by the Queen in January 2022.

In February 2022, the lawsuit involving Giuffre was settled out of court. “Prince Andrew: Banished” features interviews with the media, palace insiders, royal press secretary, members of the Prince’s social circle as well as the legal team involved.

Page, who served the fallen prince from 1994 to 2004 shares that there was a woman who appeared and informed the officers that she was there to meet Prince Andrew. She was denied entry until officers confirmed the appointment with his staff. The woman then offered to call Andrew herself.

“We could hear the conversation,” Page alleges. “He said, ‘Put one of the officers on.’ One of my colleagues took the phone. He shouted at the top of his voice, ‘You listen to me, you fat, lardy-a– c–t. If you don’t let my guest in, I’m going to come down there.'”

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Journalist Helen Kirwan-Taylor commented that, “He couldn’t keep his pants closed.”

Royal writer Phil Dampier commented that the prince never smoked, took drugs or drank alcohol but, “the only thing he likes is sex.”

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