AsiaPriyanka Chopra says everyone mentioned in her book Unfinished has been sent...

Priyanka Chopra says everyone mentioned in her book Unfinished has been sent a copy: ‘I didn’t want any surprises later’

Every person mentioned in Priyanka Chopra's book has been sent a copy.

India — Actor Priyanka Chopra’s memoir is all set to launch on Tuesday and her excitement is out of bounds. The actor says she has consulted with everyone whom she has named in her book, titled Unfinished.

Speaking to a magazine, Priyanka said her method of writing the book was very ‘weird’. She says that she would write something from her own memory then talk to the person who was also involved, so that a truthful perspective is what finally ended up in the book.

“Everyone who is mentioned in the book, has read the book. I was very clear about that. I didn’t want any surprises later. In fact, I worked on it in a very weird way. When I wrote about my experiences, I penned down my version that I remembered. Then I would call up the person who was part of it, to corroborate my story. I needed a lot of filling in the blanks from them. Memory is funny thing; you leave a lot behind,” she said in an interview to Asian Style magazine.

She also mentions her extended family, whose house she lived in while she was in America, in the book. “My extended family has been such a big part of who I am. I’ve been raised with a lot of their support. It was important for me to give credit where its due. I wouldn’t be here if they hadn’t supported me and taken me into their homes. The writing in the book has also never been a tell-all about them, the book is from my perspective. It’s my reactions to the things that happened. So, no one should really have an issue with it. Well, no one has said anything yet, you never know,” she said about them.

The book also talks about the racist bullying she face in the US when she lived there as a teenager. “I took it very personally. Deep inside, it starts gnawing at you. I went into a shell. I was like, ‘Don’t look at me. I just want to be invisible. My confidence was stripped. I’ve always considered myself a confident person, but I was very unsure of where I stood, of who I was,” she told People magazine in an interview. She said that after facing all of this in America, she decided to go back home to India. There, she finally received love and admiration. “In America, I was trying not to be different. Right? I was trying to fit in and I wanted to be invisible. When I went to India, I chose to be different,” she added.

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Priyanka was last seen in Netflix’s The White Tiger. The film was a big success and even landed her on the BAFTAs longlist in the Best Supporting Actress category.

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