Tuesday, September 27, 2022
EntertainmentPuppy gets tired after going for a hike, makes its human carry...

Puppy gets tired after going for a hike, makes its human carry it home. ‘Aww’s guaranteed

Tired after a hike, puppy gets human to carry it home

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India — If you’re a regular on social media, you probably have seen many videos of cute puppies, playing and doing all kinds of cute activities. Those videos can indeed brighten up one’s day. But have you ever thought that a tired and a bit sleepy puppy can also steal your heart? If no, then let this Instagram video of a puppy do the trick.

Shared by Lee Asher, the video shows a sleepy puppy being carried down a hiking trail by Asher himself. “Just a video of me carrying the cutest most tired pup up a steep trail. I don’t know how I got this lucky but I’m eternally grateful for every minute of it,” reads the caption.

Cue your ‘aww’s and take a look at the video:


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Shared on April 21, the clip has garnered over 1.5 lakh views and tons of reactions. The puppy melted many hearts which was evident from the comments section. People showered their love for the sleepy pup with heart emojis. While many couldn’t stop pointing out how cute the little one looked, others expressed their wish to cuddle a sleepy puppy too.

“Oh… I didn’t know we had to walk back,” wrote an Instagram user while voicing the probable thoughts of the puppy. “She’s so CHONKY. I want to (gently) squeeze her. She is perfect,” commented another.

“Such a little diva. You’re her royal carriage,” joked a third.

What are your thoughts on this cute video?

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