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Queen Elizabeth, Prince Philip spend most time together in their married life

Couple is now in quarantine together at Windsor Castle due to the Covid-19 pandemic




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London — has been 70 years since and tied the knot.

The Queen, 94, and Prince Philip, 99, got married on Nov 20, 1947 and they have marked a major milestone. was reported on Monday (June 29) that the royal couple is currently in quarantine together at Windsor Castle due to the . The Queen travelled to Windsor from Buckingham Palace for the UK lockdown and Prince Philip, has been enjoying retirement on the Sandringham estate in Norfolk, travelled to join her.

Queen Elizabeth is in self-isolation with Prince Philip in Windsor. Picture:

A royal expert shared that during the royal couple’s time at Windsor, they have spent the most time together in their married life.

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Kate Thornton, of True Royalty TV, said: “Imagine how the Royal Family must feel because they’ve all been locked down together. The Queen, we’ve seen has moved into Windsor, Philip left Sandringham to join her. This is arguably the longest time they’ve spent together in their married life.”

Royal Correspondent Roya Nikkhah of The Sunday Times said: “They are holding up well. I love the photo of them that was published last week for Philip’s 99th birthday. But you’re absolutely right, this is the longest they have spent together because Philip retired from public life three years ago.

“Since then he’s been spending most of his time at Sandringham in Norkfolk, while the Queen spending most of her time at Buckingham Palace. We know that they’re spending every day together and getting on pretty well in self-isolation.”

The royal experts added that, during quarantine, Prince Philip reportedly took out the Queen Mother’s old golf buggy from a Windsor Castle museum to aid him getting around the 15,800-acre estate. Prince Philip, is an avid driver, is still allowed to drive on private roads. A royal insider shared that it would not be surprising if the Duke of Edinburgh began driving again as he was often spotted whizzing around on his motorcycle.

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Thornton said: “In order to enable him to get around the Windsor estate, rumour has it that Philip has dug out of one of the royal museums the Queen Mother’s golf buggy. Do you have any sight of that whilst you were there?”

Nikkhah added: “I didn’t see the golf buggy but it wouldn’t surprise me. It’s the kind of thing Philip would do. We used to see him buzzing around on his Easy Rider motorbike around his estate. He loves to whiz around, it wouldn’t surprise me.” /TISG

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