politicsVivek Ramaswamy rising in the polls behind Trump and Ron DeSantis

Vivek Ramaswamy rising in the polls behind Trump and Ron DeSantis

According to the latest poll released by Republican primary voters, President Donald Trump is in first place but the polls also show Vivek Ramaswamy neck to neck with Ron DeSantis for second place.

Ramaswamy, 38, is currently polling at 6.1% behind Trump at 54.2% and DeSantis at 15.1%. He is ahead of Mike Pence at 5.2%, Nikki Haley at 3.4%, Tim Scott at 2.8% and Chris Christie at 2.6%.

The figures were obtained from the RealClearPolitics. Ramaswamy has spent $1.8 million on television and digital advertising and for the most part is self-funding his own campaign.

Morning Consult’s weekly tracking of the race states that 36% of GOP primary voters reported hearing something positive about him in the last one week.

Pronounciation of Ramaswamy

There has been a lot of conversation about his name and its pronounciation though even among his supporters. Pollsters work hard to ensure their interviewers get the name ride. One college poll has a pronunciation guide with call centers monitoring the interviews to make sure employees are saying the name right.

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“When your candidate is named Vivek Ramaswamy, that’s like DEFCON 1 for confusion and mispronouciation,” said one Republican pollster.

On Aug 12, Ramaswamy wooed the crowd at the Iowa State Fair by performing a rap number to Eminem’s Lose Yourself. He also had a chat with Iowa governor Kim Reynolds where he spent the day campaigning for votes.

Ramaswamy, who is a biotech entrepreneur is the youngest contender in the Republican race for presidency. He is also a favourite among the younger voters. The night before the Iowa fair, he spent Friday night at a popular bar posing for selfies and talking to voters.

“Particularly we are reaching a lot of young people. I think we’re reaching a lot of independent-minded Republicans or even people who don’t traditionally think of themselves as old-school Republicans.”

Ramaswamy received contributions from 70,000 donors, 40% of whom have never given to a Republican candidate before.

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