In a dramatic eleventh-hour plea on the eve of the Iowa caucus, entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy delivered a striking message to Republican voters, cautioning them against what he called the “trap” of supporting Donald Trump.

Trump Trap

Ramaswamy took to X to express his concerns. “I’ve defended Trump at every step & respect him immensely,” he wrote, acknowledging his past allegiance. However, he asserted that falling into the Trump camp could have unintended consequences for the GOP.

Moreover, he urged other 2024 GOP contenders to withdraw their names from the Colorado and Maine ballots, following Trump’s exclusion under a 14th Amendment clause.

Ramaswamy’s response was triggered by a Truth Social post from Trump, labeling a vote for Ramaswamy as “wasted.”

Undeterred, Ramaswamy emphasized, “You won’t hear me attacking him. I’m asking for your vote tonight because I believe it’s the right thing for our country.”

He warned against falling into what he characterized as the opposition’s trap, cautioning against the subtle manipulation that could elevate Nikki Haley to power.

Ramaswamy: Too cute

Trump, in response, expressed a favorable opinion of Ramaswamy but accused him of being too “cute” with Iowa caucus voters, injecting a touch of intrigue into the electoral landscape.

Recent polling data from Des Moines Register, Mediacom, and NBC News indicates that Ramaswamy is trailing behind with only 8% support, while his competitors boasted double-digit figures.

Undeterred by the numbers, Ramaswamy remains steadfast in his conviction that he will make a strong showing in Iowa, dismissing the polls as inaccurate.

As the tension builds on the eve of the caucus, the political landscape is fraught with anticipation over how voters will respond to Ramaswamy’s warning and Trump’s counterclaims.

The stage is set for a high-stakes political showdown in Iowa, where the outcome could have far-reaching implications for the trajectory of the GOP in the 2024 elections.

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