Starting a new diet regime may seem easy at the beginning. You have decided what to do, armed with the knowledge and tools to make sure you stay on track. However, more often than not, diets seems to fail within just weeks of starting them. Here are some reasons why the diets you embarked on fail.


Knowing your ‘why’

It is important to find out the real reason why you want to go on a diet. Do you want to fit into your old clothes? Maybe you have a wedding coming up? Or maybe you just want to stay healthy for the sake of your children. There are many reasons why we go on a diet. Your ‘why’ have to be strong enough.


Your diet is too restrictive

When you consume too little calories or cut down different food groups, you tend to fall off the bandwagon because the diet is too restrictive. You end up binge eating. The next point is about binge eating. Restrictive diets and binge eating are actually related.


Binge eating

Binge eating means stuffing yourself with food with no sense of reasoning. You just eat even if you are not hungry. Diets fail because when you restrict too much, you end up binge eating because you are too hard on yourself.


Don’t give in to cravings

Being on diet for long periods of time can be detrimental. When you don’t give in to cravings, you end up failing your diet because you then fall into temptation and you eat more than you wanted to. Giving in to cravings once in awhile is healthy. You can eat healthily for six days a week and then give into a craving on Sunday.


There is no such thing as a good food or a bad food

Pizza and burgers are bad and salads are good? That is a misconception. There is no such thing as a good food or bad food. All food are equal, despite the calories and type of food.

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