Disagreements happen all the time but there is a category of people who simply cannot admit they are ever wrong. Having a partner or husband or wife who needs to be right all at the time can take a huge toll on you.

If you feel you are never wrong or you feel you are on the receiving end of always being told you are wrong. It’s always good to establish boundaries.

Here are some reasons why some people never want to admit they are wrong

  1. Insecurity and fear in People

Fear is something everyone goes through but many people are so worried about how they are perceived and their reputation that they don’t mind being incorrect and have no concept of self-reflection.

  1. A need to have a polished self-image

So many people cultivate a fake self-image and this fake self-image leads them to not be able to admit that they are wrong

  1. They can’t put themselves in other people’s shoes

People who can’t admit they are wrong can’t see beyond themselves. Many are insecure or egoistic and just want to be right all the time. People who can’t admit they are wrong are also not grounded most of the time.

  1. Lack of self awareness

People who don’t have self awareness can never reflect on their mistakes. They have no idea how they impact other people which can lead to other toxic behaviors. These type of people often become self-defensive and do everything they can to avoid conflict by brow beating others into believing they are right.

  1. They are gaslighters

Some people like re-writing history and saying the things they did, they never did and what they said never happened in order to gaslight you. These are expert manipulators and highly toxic and on top of that often have giant egos to boot.

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