LawRepublican’s battle cry on the Trump indictment: “Stand with Trump!”

Republican’s battle cry on the Trump indictment: “Stand with Trump!”

Seconds after Donald Trump pleaded not guilty to federal charges, the Republicans in Congress launched a new battle cry. They had his back and declared that they will “Stand with Trump!”

In a quick email to supporters, Speaker Kevin McCarthy denounced the “witch hunt” against the former president and urged them to “stand with Trump.”

 Republicans’ battle cry

Trump’s increasing legal predicament has become a political rallying cry for Republicans, many of whom admitted they hadn’t read the entire 49-page federal indictment but still stood by the former president and took up his complaints about the federal justice system as their own.

“Stand with Trump,” tweeted Rep. Elise Stefanik of New York, the fourth-ranking House GOP leader.

“I will be standing right next to President Trump tonight in total support,” tweeted Sen. Tommy Tuberville of Alabama.

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“I stand by him right now,” said Rep. Byron Donalds, R-Fla., outside the Capitol. “Ten toes down.”

“A bogus investigation,” said Donalds.

“Political hit job,” said Sen. Eric Schmitt of Missouri, who said he did read the whole indictment.

Trump changing the narrative?

Despite two impeachment proceedings, allegations of hush money payments to a porn actress in New York, two investigations into Trump’s attempts to rig the 2020 election, and the current federal case involving his confidential materials, he has demonstrated the capacity to not only survive but even benefit from judicial scrutiny.

According to Trump’s congressional supporters, he will become more popular politically as a result of all the ongoing investigations into him. The historic indictment of a former president is being reframed as harsh political persecution by Republicans in Congress.

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Republicans also see the federal investigation into Trump as a successful political ploy to turn out resentful voters in the 2024 elections, when the House and one-third of the Senate, along with the presidential candidates, will be up for reelection.

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