Robbie Williams

As the new millennium began, various trends were shaping the music industry. The Spice Girls were at the peak of their success with the hit song “Wannabe,” establishing themselves as a fan phenomenon. Simultaneously, Take That dominated the male perspective in music.

One member of Take That had left the group in 1996 to embark on a solo career, and his music, controversies, and stage performances propelled him to greater fame. Robbie Williams found more success as a solo artist than during his time with the group.

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Robbie Williams: A documentary

Fast forward to November 8, when Netflix released the ‘Robbie Williams’ series, offering a 25-year retrospective of the “Rock DJ” singer’s solo career. In this documentary, Williams opens up about his past, including a significant relationship with a Spice Girl.

In the series, Williams speaks about his immense happiness during the relationship but reveals why he was compelled to end it. After just three months together, he made the difficult decision to break up due to disturbing rumours surrounding his partner, which took a toll on his mental well-being and marked the beginning of the end.

Struggling with their own demons

Robbie Williams and Geri Halliwell first crossed paths at Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, both struggling with fragile mental health and battling their own personal demons, including issues with alcohol and eating disorders. She grappled with bulimia, while he dealt with anorexia.

During a summer holiday in the south of France in 2000, Williams chose to end their relationship due to a realization that had struck him. “We had a strong connection, enjoyed our time together, and were part of a small, magical moment in a magical place,” he reflects in the Netflix documentary. “I no longer believe it now, but at that time, I did.”


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