EntertainmentRoger Kwok says Kent Cheng motivated him when he was down and...

Roger Kwok says Kent Cheng motivated him when he was down and out

Television king Roger Kwok spoke about his trials and tribulations on his journey to fame recently. He credited veteran actor Kent Cheng for motivating him at his lowest point.

Well known for playing the male lead in many dramas most notably The Final Verdict, Kwok has even been labeled the next Leslie Cheung. But at one time his career was careening downhill so badly that he was forced to leave TVB and head for China and Taiwan for better opportunities.

Although in 1994 Kwok shot to fame as the holier-than-thou Poon Loon Ching in Instinct, his other drama, The Intangible Truth tanked badly. It became the lowest-rated prime time drama due to its overly pessimistic plot and depiction of injustice and unfairness of the Chinese judicial system.

At the same time he also got into contractual issues with his management company and was forced to leave Hong Kong.

It was at this opportune time when he was facing a drought in acting roles that he met Kent Cheung.

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“He approached me to act in drama Warrior Period, it was really tough and I’ve never taken on such a difficult role before. Every day Cheung would inculcate a lot of positive thinking in me, teaching me how to deal with the entertainment industry.”

He told me, “You have to recall what it was like at your very first day at work, how your mentality was like then, curious and excited about everything, (to re-ignite) that fire in your heart,” Roger added that Kent’s advice was to benefit him for life.

In 1998 he made a triumphant return to TVB and got his big break in the classic drama At the Threshold of an Era where his portrayal of the honest Ma Chi Keung stuck a chord with viewers.

In 2022 he made a career-making role as the fool Ah Wong in Square Pegs which became a top-rated hit, winning him his first ever TV king award.

Of late Kwok is dabbling in property having let go of Gemstone Tower unit for 19 million, earning 13 million in profits after holding on to the unit for nearly 15 years.

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Rumour has it that he owns as many as five properties, including commercial units beside Marina Cove in Sai Kung, where he currently lives.

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