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Christiano Ronaldo’s girlfriend Georgina Rodriquez will receive £86,000 pounds if the couple break up

Football star Christiano Ronaldo’s girlfriend Georgina Rodriquez will pocket £86,000 a month if they break up despite the fact that they are not even married.

Due to a pre-nuptial agreement the 29-year-old model will receive the amount on a monthly basis according to the Daily Mail.

There have been rumours of late that the couple have split but apparently this is just specualtion as the couple were seen together in Spain recently.

Georgina and Others

It looks like the couple have crossed a number of hurdles to be together including getting an exemption some months ago from Saudi laws that dictate and unmarried couple cannot live together. Ronaldo has since settled in to playing with Al-Nassr and is trying to recruit as many international players as possible to the Middle East.

Meanwhile another football hero and the world’s second highest paid athlete, Lionel Messi has been taken into custody. Why?

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Because he flew into Beijing on a private jet and didn’t have a visa to enter China. Apparently he got mixed up between Taiwan and China and asked border officials, “Is Taiwan not China?”

His Spanish passport allows visa-free entry into Taiwan but not his Argentinian one.

Had Messi been flying commercial, without a visa, no airline would have allowed him to board – since the airline would have been fined. There’s actually a benefit to not flying private. Messi was eventually issued an expedited visa and the matter was put to rest.

The reason for his trip to Beijing was due to an international friendly match at the worker’s stadium in Beijing on Thursday.

Messi has been shocking fans of late with his latest surprise occurring earlier this month when he announced that he will be departing Paris Saint Germain (PSG) once his contract is over. His French fans were not happy at all with many of them criticizing him for his decision.

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His former Argentinian teammate however stuck up for him saying, “Leo’s time at PSG has been very relevant. Counting the five major leagues, including the Champions League, there are only two players who have passed 20 goals and 20 assists. One is Leo and the other is Vinicius. He was also the top as sister in Lihue 1 with 16 passes leading to goals,” said Aguero.

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