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Roxanne Tong denies being married to Kenneth Ma

A post by Roxanne on September 7 led to think that maybe she and Kenneth are secretly married




Since going public with their relationship on June 13, celebrity couple and have been piling with their public displays of affection.

Both of them have matching Instagram profile pictures and they interact with each other on almost every single post the other half makes. An interaction on Roxanne’s September 7 post led to think that maybe Kenneth and Roxanne are secretly married. Roxanne was promoting a live stream that she was going to host at 9pm in the post. Kenneth then responded saying, “I’ll see you at 9pm…”

actor replied Kenneth’s comment with: Wow! Where can I find a husband like this? Sorry, I mean boyfriend.” The comment has since spread to community sites like wildfire and fans wondered if the actor revealed something that the pair is not ready to share.

Kenneth Ma and girlfriend Roxanne Tong shows PDA on their accounts. Picture:Instagram

Roxanne then replied to Edwin’s comment, asking if he was ‘bored.’ The fact that Roxanne did not acknowledge the husband-or-boyfriend question has caused speculation to go into overdrive. The rumours got so out of hand that Roxanne was forced to post an Instagram Story yesterday (September 8), which read, “[We’re] not married. Not. Not Not. I have to repeat this thrice because ’s important.”

In other news, the media asked Kenneth about his thoughts on Hong Kong singer-actor Andy Hui and what he thought about the latter’s comeback. “I hope [Andy’s] fine, it’s been so long [since the cheating scandal], we should all look to the future,” Kenneth said.

He later added that he was “never angry” with either Andy or Jacqueline and that the initial anger he felt was short-lived. “I hope that Andy can have a fresh start after his comeback, Jacqueline as well. I don’t know how she’s doing right now, but I hope she’ll be able to find her other half, and achieve greater heights in her career,” he said.

On April 16 last year a of Andy and former beauty pageant contestant Jacqueline Wong was circulated. The showed Andy and Jacqueline making out during a taxi ride and the incident was recorded by the taxi’s camera. The two left the taxi together for Jacqueline’s home. Both Jacqueline and Andy were reportedly drunk at the time of the incident.




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