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“Rude” Hillary Clinton snubs First Lady Melania Trump at George HW Bush’s funeral




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Former first lady and ex-presidential candidate is drawing flak online after she appeared to “snub” current First Lady Melania at George HW Bush’s funeral yesterday.

In videos going viral online, several establishment figures like ex- President , his wife , and even Hillary’s husband, ex-President , can be seen offering Melania a handshake before she takes her seat beside the Obamas. Former President Jimmy Carter even gives Melania a friendly wave before she takes her seat.

Hillary, however, only nodded at Melania and refused to offer a handshake or a wave in the First Lady’s direction even though Melania waved at her:

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Several netizens, including personality Piers Morgan, have called Clinton rude for not waving at or offering a handshake to the current First Lady:

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Hillary ran against Melania’s husband, current President , in the 2016 and suffered a stunning defeat. She previously ran against Obama in the 2008 and failed.

There is speculation that Hillary has not completely shut the door on the idea of running for president in the .

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