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Sabrina Ho, who gave birth a year ago, loses 20 kgs in two months




— Sabrina Ho, a daughter of the late Macau Casino King Stanley Ho and a business personality, gave birth a year ago but did not lose much weight after that. There are now reports she has lost 20 kgs in two months through exercise and healthy eating.

The 29-year-old heiress uploaded a Weibo post last week, talking about her journey over the past year since delivering her daughter Audrey . “Even though was a tough pregnancy, I am happy every day because of her,” she wrote.

“It’s especially difficult for mothers have given birth, the amount of effort we put in. The reason we work so hard to lose weight is ‘cos we want to have an even healthier body to be able to walk and jump around with them. Therefore, I’m always at my home in Hong Kong as I don’t want to miss the firsts in her . It’s been hard on all mums. Jiayou!” she added.

Sabrina Ho works out daily to stay slim. Picture:

The mother also uploaded before and after photos of herself exercising at home. She is seen exercising to a workout by fitness guru Jung Da-yeon.

In 2019, a heavily-pregnant Sabrina was engaged to 22-year-old Harvard student Thomas Xin Qilong in a lavish ceremony. Two months later she gave birth to Audrey .

However, netizens found fault with her for not losing weight immediately after giving birth. They also made fun of her, comparing her to Yubaba, the villain in the popular Japanese anime Spirited Away. Sabrina has, however, lost a dramatic amount of weight in the past few months.

The Apple Daily reported that she has lost “at least 20 kg”. Sabrina started exercising after her father’s funeral in July. A couple of days ago, she posted an story showing her followers how to use a disinfectant product but it was her new figure that caught attention.

It seems that it took her nearly six months to find a suitable weight loss method for herself. Each day, she spends an hour following Da-yeon’s fitness videos and doing high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts. She also consulted a nutritionist on her diet. It is believed that she has stopped unhealthy habits such as snacking, having soft drinks and having supper. /TISG

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