Sammi Cheng spotted holding hands with Andy Hui on vacation

Just when you think things can take a turn for the worse, sometimes you just got to wait it out and know that there is always a silver lining in every cloud.

For Hong Kong singer-actress Sammi Cheng, things have been getting better for her and her marriage.

On 1 Aug, she was spotted at Hong Kong International Airport departing for England.

Apple Daily reported that she was seen holding hands with her husband, Andy Hui.

The star was wearing a black leather jacket and shades with her hair tied up while Andy wore a blue denim jacket and a mask.

The both of them were trying to remain inconspicuous.

This is the first time the pair was photographed in public together since the news of Andy’s affair with TVB actress Jacqueline Wong broke in April.

Even though Sammi was burdened by the news of Andy’s cheating scandal for months, she instead chose to direct all her focus onto her concert production.

Andy had also publicly apologised since and has been working behind the scenes to support his wife.

Despite the jeers and boos from Sammi’s fans, Andy even braved the crowd to attend the first two days of her concert too.

After her 13-concert tour has wrapped up, Sammi told Hong Kong media at her afterparty that she would be taking time off to go on a holiday to recharge.

When asked if she would be travelling with her husband, she waved off the question saying she was heading off “with friends”.

Hong Kong actor Dickey Cheung and his wife, Jess, were also spotted at the same airport on the same day.

Both couples presumably had arranged to travel separately before regrouping in order to not draw attention to themselves, reported Apple Daily.

It is also speculated that the four were headed towards England to meet up with Hong Kong producer Mark Lui and his wife.

As Sammi previously had a history of depression, it might be a huge relief for fans to see her well and on amicable terms with her husband again.

In April, Andy Hui and Jacqueline Wong were caught cheating in a backseat of a taxi.

The scandal caused both stars their careers and relationships.

Sammi has voiced out in public that she has forgiven her husband.

She even brought Andy to her concerts so that her fans can forgive him.