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Sarawak assistant minister urges PSB to reconsider alliance with DAP

Do we need to be reminded of the DAP leaders' broken promises for Sarawakians...




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KUCHING, Nov. 13 — Parti (PSB) has been urged to reconsider any decision to work with Democratic Action Party (DAP) especially as the latter is a peninsula-based party.

Assistant Minister in the Chief Minister’s Department Abdullah Saidol said DAP has always been very critical of the state , more so because the party’s political masters are not Sarawakians.

“I suggest that PSB reconsider its working cooperation with DAP. Moreover, most PSB members were once critical towards DAP, calling it and a party that spins the truth,” he said in a press statement yesterday.

Abdullah asserted that those in DAP Sarawak have “no right or moral virtue” to talk about the struggles, rights and interests of Sarawakians because they represent political masters are ‘outsiders’.

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According to him, party leaders from Peninsular were invited by DAP Sarawak to visit the state would almost always end up condemning the state administration which was run by Sarawakians.

“Do we need to be reminded of the DAP leaders’ broken promises for Sarawakians when they were part of the ruling federal government?”

Meanwhile, on the need to amend Article 16 of the Sarawak Constitution, Abdullah said the people have to firstly grasp the rationale behind the amendment apart from the intention and objectives.

He stressed it was important to understand that and cross-referencing with other Acts including the Act were carried out before a fresh Bill to amend the Sarawak Constitution was tabled, and subsequently passed, in the DUN yesterday.

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The amendment Bill was first tabled in the State Legislative Assembly (DUN) on Tuesday but was deferred by the Speaker due to ‘anomalies’.

“In a nutshell, the objective to amend the Article is to allow Sarawakians at the age of 18 and above to become DUN members. Secondly, it is to make sure that only Sarawakians can contest in state ,” Abdullah said.

“I am sure all of us (Sarawakians) agree that only Sarawakians can be members of the DUN. We do not want ‘nomadic’ for instance one particular DAP top leader who has contested in almost every place in Peninsular Malaysia,” he added, referring to DAP veteran .

Abdullah also voiced disappointment with DAP assemblymen for criticising the state government when debating on the amended Bill, accusing them of trying to score political points by instigating the people against the ruling Gabungan Parti Sarawak (GPS).

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The fact that the DUN Speaker had deferred the amended Bill and allowed its re-submission with anomalies and vagueness clarified, showed that the latter was impartial, reasonable and not biased against the opposition, he said.

“This is therefore contrary to allegations frequently thrown by the opposition towards him (Speaker),” he added. – Post Online

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