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Selena Gomez lets black leader use her Instagram account to highlight racism

Other celebrities have lent their to activists include , Lady Gaga and Lizzo




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In America, people are protesting against police brutality. From the man in the street to celebrities, everyone is pitching in to create awareness and support the cause.

The movement has been revived recently and now Hollywood are handing over their social platforms to black leaders.

has lent her Instagram to influential leaders to connect with her 180 million fans. Other like , Lady Gaga and have also turned their social media accounts to black leaders.

Gomez started off on Friday by introducing Alicia Garza, co-creator of Black Lives Matter and one of the founders of Black Futures Lab. The latter is an organisation that works to make black communities powerful in politics. Garza uploaded a video on the singer’s Instagram account and she shared about the reason people are protesting as well as ways  to support the cause.

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Mendes was seen protesting in Miami and he allowed Zyahna Bryant, an activist and strategist, to take over his Instagram Story. Bryant said that is now time to move to action and time to educate ourselves and do the reading, find the local people in our community who are doing anti-racist work. She added that on top of just using social media, we have a responsibility to do our part to actually promote change.

Lizzo spoke with the Black Visions Collective in Minneapolis to find out more about what is happening at the heart of the protest and how her fans can lend a hand. She told her fans that she has been using her platform to let others speak.

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Lady Gaga passed her profile to organisations she has contributed to, such as Loveland Foundation, Black Lives Matter, Campaign Zero, Marsha P. Johnson Institute, Color of Change, Black Labs, Fair Fight and National Lawyers Guild. She handed her Instagram account to the organisations in an effort to highlight the cause.

The BLM movement was revived recently following the death of a man of colour, George Floyd, because of police brutality. /TISG

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