Entertainment Celebrity Selena Gomez says she’s sorry for dissing Hailey Bieber

Selena Gomez says she’s sorry for dissing Hailey Bieber

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Selena Gomez has had to apologize for throwing shade at Hailey Bieber on one of her Tik Tok videos recently.

The whole kerfuffle started on May 10th when Hailey posted Tik Tok videos titled Get Ready With Me, this was followed by Gomez sharing a clip of her own skincare routine shortly after which many thought was rather odd timing wise.

The incident was attributed to the fact that Justin and Gomez had also been dating and somehow Gomez wanted to show up Hailey who is his ex-wife. Gomez broke up with Justin Bieber in early 2018 after dating on and off for seven years.

Not long after Justin had married Hailey in September 2018, sparking rivalry between the two women.

However things changed a little in March 2021 when Hailey actually liked an Instagram post of Gomez’s Vogue shoot.

But now this? Who would have guessed that even skincare tutorials could spark off their rivalry issue and that too with neither one of them being with Justin Bieber at the moment.

Fans were the first to notice with comments like;

“LOL I know who she’s referring to,” one commenter wrote, Added another, “Wait…is she trynna make fun of you know who.”

However, Gomez soon made it clear she wasn’t throwing shade. “This is why I believe in taking care of your mental health,” she wrote, “Guys no idea what I did but I really am sorry. Zero bad intention. Deleting soon.”

She later turned off the comments underneath her video. However, many fans came to her defense after she shared a new post.

“Don’t apologize,” one follower wrote. “You did nothing wrong, just keep doing you!” Added another, “She was just showing off her skincare, people need to leave her alone.”

In the past Hailey has also spoken up about jumping to conclusions and negativity online. “I think social media is a breeding ground for toxicity and people creating false drama between women and trying to put women up against each other and create these narratives that are just… toxic,” she told British Vogue in 2019.

“I think that has to change and that has to stop. I think there needs to be more people with platforms coming together and saying to each other, ‘let’s kill the conversation, let’s kill the fake drama, let’s squash all these things, let’s move on from stuff. Let’s not give people a reason to fuel fire and create drama and being rude to each other.’

Gomez creates her own content though she herself has stayed off social media, handing passwords over to her team instead.

“Taking a break from social media was the best decision that I’ve ever made for my mental health,” she told InStyle in January. “I created a system where I still don’t have my passwords. And the unnecessary hate and comparisons went away once I put my phone down. I’ll have moments where that weird feeling will come back, but now I have a much better relationship with myself.”

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