Selena Gomez shares that BFF Taylor Swift has stood by her through...

Selena Gomez shares that BFF Taylor Swift has stood by her through everything

Each defends the other when there are relationship issues

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The close friendship between Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez is an enviable one in the world of entertainment. And it is becoming stronger.

In an industry where misunderstandings happen, Swift and Gomez have been spotted showing support on social media.

Gomez defended Swift when she had a fallout with Scooter Braun last year. Swift was there for Gomez after the release of Lose You To Love Me and Look At Her Now!.

Recently Gomez talked more about her bond with Swift. She shared that Swift had  supported her through her tough times. She would fly out and be at her doorstep when she was needed.

When Gomez and Justin Bieber broke up, Swift was there for her and her support was not limited to that.

Gomez shared with the Wall Street Journal that people did not know the depth of their friendship because they did not see why they should share what they did.

She added that Swift had shown up for her in ways she would have never guessed. Swift took a flight to see her when she was hurt and going through something. Even when she had problems with her family.

Swift has always been there for Gomez. Picture: Instagram

Gomez said that it had been proven time and again that both of them were the best of friends in the world. They respected each other although they might not agree on everything.

Swift said that there was a quality of sisterhood between them and she did not mean it in a fleeting way. She said when she met Gomez that she would always be there for her.

She added that even though she could forgive those who hurt her she did not know if she could forgive anyone who hurt Gomez.

Gomez said that Swift, with her mother, had been one of the first few people to listen to her new songs and that she had cried when Gomez sang about her relationship with Bieber.

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