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Shanghai: Disney Resort shuts down amid Covid-19 fears, visitors not allowed to leave

The Disney Resort in Shanghai halted operations on October 31st due to Covid-19 and visitors were directed to stay in the park until they received a negative test. The resort made the announcement at 11.39 in the morning and cordoned off the entire area including the shopping street.

According to a CNBC report the government also announced on its official WeChat account that the park would be barring people from entering and exiting the park. Anyone who had visited the park since October 27 needs to test negative for Covid-19 three times in three days.

Social media reported that some rides were still operating for those who were stuck in the park.

A Disney Resort representative said that they had limited offerings. The resort opened just two days before the sudden closure with a reduced workforce.

Shanghai reported 10 locally transmitted cases on October 30 all of which were asymptomatic. This latest closure is the third one since the pandemic. It was shut for three months during Shanghai’s lockdown earlier this year. It was also closed for two days in November 2021. At the time there were more than 30,000 visitors stuck inside and the authorities ordered that all of them be tested for contact testing.

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In addition there were videos going around on China’s Weibo platform on November 1 which showed people rushing to the park exits though the authenticity of the videos are uncertain.

China has a zero tolerance policy approach towards Covid-19 and therefore imposes abrupt and extreme measures to curb its spread. Similarly the Universal Resort in Beijing was also closed for five days but was opened on the October 31st.

Some unusual locations where people have been seen fleeing for fear of sudden shutdown include people running out of IKEA in Shanghai and offices in the city.

The stringent policy has led to China’s economy taking a hit. Chinese President Xi Jinping said the country aims to wipe out all outbreaks and that it was a “people’s war to stop the spread of the virus.”

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