In Belgium, Tejaswin Shankar, the holder of the national high jump record, won the International High Jump Gala Elmos 2024. His spectacular return since October continued as he won the World Athletics Indoor Tour Challenger event with a 2.23-meter clearance. Shankar’s achievement solidified his standing as a global high jump superstar, surpassing even Antonios Merlos of Greece, who could only jump 2.20 meters.

This remarkable athlete, who is only 25 years old, is the national record holder in the men’s high jump and decathlon. Even though he was unable to beat his personal best of 2.29 meters in the most recent competition, his triumph highlighted his ability in the high jump.

Beyond this, he’s turning his attention to the decathlon after winning bronze and silver at the Asian Championships and Asian Games the year before. His numerous accomplishments solidify his position as a dominant force in track and field.

Shankar’s Olympic goal is Paris

Shankar is determined to qualify for the Olympics in Paris and hopes to do it by clearing the 2.33-meter high jump threshold. His aspirational objective demonstrates his commitment to global excellence. In a recent tournament, Jesse Sandesh, an athlete from India, jumped 2.09 meters to secure a joint 10th place. An exciting chapter in Indian history in the history of the high jump is about to begin at the Olympics in Paris.

On February 20, at the Hvezdy vs. Nehvizdech sports meet in Nehvizdy, Czech Republic, you may watch Shankar’s athletic wonders in action. His ability to demonstrate his abilities and get one step closer to his Olympic goals is this event.

As Shankar continues to strive for perfection with each leap and run, join us in honoring his journey. On February 20, the track becomes the platform for his unwavering drive. Don’t miss the opportunity to be a part of this incredible moment.

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