Shannen Doherty

In recent days, Shannen Doherty has found a renewed sense of hope and openness, particularly when it comes to love. The 52-year-old Beverly Hills, 90210 and Charmed alum shared during the PEOPLE cover shoot that she is ready to start dating again.

She shared that she was not ready three weeks ago but then something happened and there is a trigger, a moment that you have, someone saying something to you, an ex says one thing and then the response is that yeah, I’m good I have closure and I can move on in a really healthy way.

Reflecting on a moment three weeks back, she realized a shift within herself, finding closure from past experiences, and feeling ready to move forward in a healthier way.

As for what this new relationship might look like, she’s uncertain but open to various possibilities. Whether it’s her close male friend, whom she humorously jests about being “married” to, or encountering someone with an instant and profound connection, she’s embracing this newfound openness to love.

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Doherty acknowledges positive times

Despite the end of her 11-year marriage to Kurt Iswarienko earlier in the year, Doherty acknowledges the positive times but is resolute about moving past it. She maintains a positive perspective, understanding that life’s ups and downs, including her divorce, are part of the journey.

Amid her ongoing battle with Stage 4 breast cancer, Doherty reveals her upcoming podcast will delve into her relationships, career, and cancer journey, providing a live memoir-style platform for her story.

Catalyst for deep self-discovery

Shannen Doherty admits her cancer diagnosis in 2015 was a frightening moment, yet it served as a catalyst for deep self-discovery and strength. She draws her resilience from her family and loved ones and expresses a desire for motherhood, contemplating the possibility even without a partner.

Despite facing challenges—adjusting to being single in her 50s and dealing with her health battles—Doherty remains steadfastly hopeful for life and love. While acknowledging moments of depression, she highlights her readiness to embrace what lies ahead with a newfound clarity and emotional readiness.

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