Shelter dog 'paw bumps' human while going to its forever home. Watch

Shelter dog ‘paw bumps’ human while going to its forever home. Watch

Dog's "paw bump" wins netizens over

India — Are you someone who loves those videos which shows shelter animals going to their new homes? Then there is a chance that this video of a shelter dog going to its forever home will leave you happy.

Shared on Twitter, the clip is captioned, “Smile of the Day goes to this shelter dog getting his forever home. Paw bump little buddy!”

We won’t give away much, so take a look:

Isn’t the paw bump towards the end of the clip absolutely adorable? Well, if you think that then you’re not alone. Many also shared the same reaction while commenting.

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“WARNING: Doggo’s smile is highly contagious and you might wind up smiling if you watch this,” wrote a Twitter user. And, we do agree.

“Aww bless him he knows he is safe and going to a good hone with Lots of love he has big smile so overjoyed for his new life I could watch this over and over again the happiness he feels inside bless him,” shared another. “Cutest lil guy ever. So happy to be going home!!!! Good on yea woman. Whoever you are lol,” shared a third.

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