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Singapore Airlines first class or Suites class cabin will no longer offer Dom Perignon champagne as an option.

Traditionally a flight attendant would always ask the traveller whether they would prefer Dom Perignon or Krug but that question will no longer be relevant.

The airline will stop serving the beverage from November 1.

“For your reference, with effect from November 1, 2022, Dom Perignon champagne will no longer be available on board Singapore Airlines flights. SIA will continue to offer Krug Grande Cuvee and Taittinger Comtes de Champagne to all Suites and First Class customers,” said the airline in a statement.

Taittinger Comtes de Champagne was first introduced as a third option in 2019. The Taittinger has always been served on shorter routes and also on the ground in The Private Room so some may see it as a cheaper option but it is still an excellent champagne.

Speculation is that the airlines has done away with Dom Perignon mainly due to cost. Airlines do get huge discounts on alcohol in general.

According to Business Insider, the airline spends $30 million on its annual wine budget. Its Master of Wine Jeannie Cho Lee said, “Their very best is so sought after, that if you don’t go there and secure the relationships you may not get an allocation. We care about sourcing, we care about the relationships.”

In a 2017 interview Lee had said to the magazine, “First impressions count. It’s the first impression when you get on board. It’s what you’re offered.”

“We’re really committed to working with prestigious and like-minded companies and brands to partner with. And there’s a lot of customer satisfaction. If you’re one of the frequent flyers of Singapore Airlines, you know that no matter where you’re departing from, when you get on board if you’re flying first class, you’re going to be offered Krug or Dom Perignon, and you’re happy.”

Well if Dom Perignon isn’t available anymore Taittinger isn’t exactly a poor choice either as it’s still a great option for champagne lovers.

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