Singapore-inspired fictional island in photo from set of upcoming Marvel TV mini-series

It is expected to be released on the Disney+ streaming platform later this year

A leaked photo from the set of an upcoming television mini-series hints at a key location said to be modelled after Singapore.

Bearing a red-and-white flag and national symbols featuring a white crescent, a star and a lion’s head, Madripoor is a fictional South-east Asian island. The symbols were spotted in the leaked photo of the set of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier mini-series,  which is currently being filmed in the United States.

Twitter user Luke Hatcher uploaded the photo on Dec 4 last year but the tweet was only noticed by pop culture websites recently.

Jayden Marvel, a Singaporean comic fan responded to the tweet on Sunday, saying that it was definitely Madripoor’s flag from the comics. Another fan said that Madripoor was inspired by the city-state. He added in a separate reply that he felt that the lion design was copied and that the flag was probably just tweaked a little.

Pop culture Instagram page The Geek Power wrote on Sunday that, thanks to Hatcher, it seems that a portion of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier would take place on Madripoor. The page added that the island was pretty important in some X-Men comics.

Madripoor first appeared in New Mutants Issue 32 printed in 1985, in a story titled To The Ends of the Earth, according to the Marvel fandom site. 

According to the website, Madripoor was once a haven for pirates and it suffered from extreme social inequality where the poor lived in crime-ridden Lowtown and the wealthy live in Hightown.

Based on science and pop culture site Inverse, fans have been expecting the introduction of X-Men to the Marvel Cinematic Universe since Disney bought the 20th Century Fox company in 2017.

It obtained rights to Marvel properties like Deadpool and X-Men movies.

Anthony Mackie stars as Falcon and Sebastian Stan stars as Winter Soldier in the mini-series. It is expected to be released on the Disney+ streaming platform later this year.