Wednesday, June 29, 2022
AsiaSingaporeSingapore is fourth most scenic city in Asia for runners

Singapore is fourth most scenic city in Asia for runners

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Going out for a run or jog? Well, here is some good news. Singapore has been voted the fourth best city for running.

According to data by shoe company, the city comes in at number four based on Instagram hashtag data. Singapore landed at number four with plenty of running groups sharing their sunrise jogs along the water on Marina Bay.

Asia’s most popular cities for going out for a run are Tokyo, Seoul, Dubai, Singapore and Hong Kong.

London ranks as the most picturesque running city globally, followed by Chicago and Boston.

America is the most picturesque country for runners overall, with five US cities featuring in the global top 10.

As people take to the streets for their daily run, researched over a million hashtags for 600 global cities on Instagram to reveal which urban landscapes provide the most beautiful scenery for runners.

The number of hashtags were counted and compared for cities in the UK, US, Australia and New Zealand, Europe, Africa, South America and Asia.

Instagrammers got camera ready capturing the best urban running environments. Tokyo topped the list in Asia with 10,200 hashtags under #RunTokyo.

South Korean city Seoul follows closely behind with almost 7,600 hashtags, while Dubai’s breath-taking urban running routes secure the city’s position in third with almost 6,900 hashtags.

The hashtags were based on which cities were the most picturesque.

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Rankings for Asia are as follows:

1. Tokyo, Japan

2. Seoul, Korea

3. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

4. Singapore, Singapore

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5. Hong Kong, Hong Kong

6. Jakarta, Indonesia

7. Osaka, Japan

8. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

9. Beijing, China

10. Manila, Phillippines senior marketing and e-commerce manager Dan Cartner said that taking running selfies or uploading shots of jogging in a group was an incredibly motivational tool, both for the runner and their friends and family on social media.

“With a staggering 56 million posts under the hashtag #runalone, we were curious to find out which cities were posting the most running photos on Instagram, as a method of inspiration to encourage people to hit the streets and find their own stride!

“London ranks as the most picturesque running destination in the entire world, but our research showcases that people across the globe are lacing up their running shoes and uploading shots of their cities following their endorphin-filled workouts.

“From the romantic streets of Paris and Berlin to densely packed sky-scraper cities such as Chicago and Melbourne, clearly running is something we can all have in common and enjoy sharing on social media!”.

In the global rankings, Michigan in Chicago comes in second after London with over 56,950 hashtags for #RunChicago. Following behind the “Windy City” are Boston and Houston. Next comes Melbourne, Australia and Paris, France.

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