International Singapore social club 'incredibly sorry' for featuring George Floyd's murder in pub...

Singapore social club ‘incredibly sorry’ for featuring George Floyd’s murder in pub quiz

Apology issued by Singaporean social club 1880 over George Floyd question in pub quiz

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PETALING JAYA — Singaporean social club 1880 has apologised for featuring a question about African American man George Floyd in one of its pub quizzes.

The members-only joint posted a statement signed by its chief executive officer Jean Low yesterday acknowledging the Sunday evening incident.

“At our pub quiz, a question was asked about the trial of Derek Chauvin and the length of time he had his knee on George Floyd’s neck.

“This question was insensitive and inappropriate. The very mention of this subject matter was completely out of line and showed a serious lack of judgment.

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“We take full responsibility for this,” wrote Low.

Floyd’s death sparked a flurry of Black Lives Matter protests in 2020 after former cop Chauvin was filmed kneeling on the back of his neck for more than nine minutes.

Low extended an apology to the public and said that 1880 is taking steps to “re-establish trust” following the gaffe.


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Reactions to 1880’s statement have been sharply divided, with some giving kudos to the club for owning up to the mistake while others were bewildered at how Floyd’s death was included in the pub quiz in the first place.

“Were you guys so much out of ideas for interesting current topics to quiz on?

“Or did someone think it would be funny to ask such a question in a public forum? It’s irresponsible behaviour,” said one Instagram user.

“The management should think about how you can educate your staff and yourselves to not reduce someone’s life to a fun drinking game,” wrote another.

The club’s founder Marc Nicholson told Channel News Asia that 1880 is committed to “lead with accountability” in light of the blunder.

“We are devastated to have caused so much pain and discomfort, and we hope for the opportunity to grow and do better.

“Most of all, now we want to create room for healing,” said Nicholson.

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