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Singaporean actress speaks up on being body-shamed





Singaporean actress Atikah Suhaimie lashed back at body-shaming saying that is okay as her boyfriend is rich. The actress was subject of ridicule when she posted a short clip of herself ‘cat-walking’ down the stairs via Instagram recently. Some netizens left unsavoury comments on the post, saying that Atikah had gained weight and some also said she looked pregnant. Although the actress is known to be friendly online, usually replying follower comments, she was not having and she decided to clapback.

“My dear, ’s impossible that I’m pregnant, I’m not even married yet.”

“But I know I’m fat already and I need to lose weight and work out soon,” Atikah replied in her post.

“Yes, it’s true, I’m fat. I’ll work out later, sorry because I’m fat,” she wrote in a reply.

“If I’m fat, I can still lose weight but the same couldn’t be said if you have a wretched heart,” she replied to another comment.

Atikah Suhaime shared about her rich boyfriend. Picture: Instagram

Some of Atikah’s followers came to her , saying that she is not fat. The actress took to Instagram to express her feelings, adding that the comments were hurtful. Atikah also posted a picture of her boyfriend on a boat, renowned businessman Datuk Lokman Teh on her Instagram story, with the caption saying, “It’s okay that I’m fat, as long as my heart is pure and my boyfriend is rich.”

Atikah’s post has gained over 200,000 views since it was posted last Wednesday. Born as Nur Atikah binti Mohd Suhaime on March 15, 1991, Atikah is a Singaporean actress also acts in . She has appeared in several dramas such as Dewi Lasak, Si Kolot Suamiku, and Cinta Tiada Ganti. Her movie portfolio includes Lagenda Budak Hostel, Muka Surat Cinta and Kipidapp! Selamatkan Hari Jadi. 

On March 22, 2018 Atikah was engaged to Singaporean singer Awi Rafael. They planned to get married on March 15, 2019 but the wedding was cancelled.

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