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Singer-actress Sammi Cheng’s role model is her 80-plus mother

Her physical condition may be declining but she is still actively finding ways to have fun




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Hong Kong pop star has told her fans that her parents are her inspiration to do better.

When her father suffered a stroke three years ago, she moved him and her mother nearer her home so that she could see them more regularly.

Her parents relocated to an apartment in Ridge Court, which is located in the Repulse Bay district and known for its hefty real estate prices. Sammi’s spouse, pop star Andy Hui, bought the apartment and they fitted with elder-friendly mobility aids.

Sammi, 47, shared photos of her mother that were taken during one of her recent visits. She had discovered that her mother had been practising her writing daily.

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Sammi said she admired her mother, is more than 80 years old, for her positive outlook and for finding ways to enrich her life. Her physical condition may be declining every day but she was still motivated and actively finding ways to have fun.

The singer-actress said was for this reason that her mother would be her role forever.

Sammi Cheng looks up to her mother as a . Picture:

Sammi’s mother reportedly suffered from shingles around her waist last October. Her father was also sick and was hospitalised. She took a break to spend time with them at their home and at the hospital until both of them recovered.

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The singer-actress said that when parents are old, they need their children more than ever, mentally and physically. “Material goods are of little significance to . Both you and I need to love and treasure them while they’re still around,” she added.

Sammi, full name is Sammi Cheng Sau-man, is one of the most popular female singers in Hong Kong with album sales of over 25 million copies throughout the Asia-Pacific.

In the 1990s, she was referred to as the Cantopop Queen. She has had success in showbiz  for three decades and is well-known across the region. /TISG

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