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Why are non-single people on dating apps

These days it’s becoming increasingly common to see people who are married or in monogamous relationships on dating apps.

As it is dating apps give rise to boundless issues surrounding trust and reliability and when you have serial cheaters thrown into the mix it isn’t a good recipe at all. For the non-suspecting person looking for that special someone can come as a rude shock after making a good connection and some way down the road finding that the person is quite happily attached.

According to a 2015 survey of 47,000 dating app users, research firm GlobalWebIndex found that some 42% of participants were not single. In fact, 30% of them were married and 12% were in a relationship. Other studies put the figure of those partnered up as between 18 and 25%.

One explanation is that many people who weren’t single tended to go on the app when their own relationships become long-distance. One guy admitted that he had a girlfriend in Spain. “Sex and intimacy have become an issue so I use the app exclusively for hook-ups,” said the man but I do try and be discreet about it.

Some admitted to not wanting or being able to be monogamous or just being unhappy in their relationships and using the apps as a fantasy or escapism in order to see if they could still attract others or to gain validation.

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 “I wanted to experience a thrill which I had not felt in years and to see if I could draw in attractive men. Karma caught me out though as a mutual friend found me on there,” said one woman interviewed on Vice online.  

Similarly another anonymous user told Vice online, “I don’t believe in monogamy, I’m satisfied with my partner but I don’t like having sex with only one person.”

The problem is when there is no transparency, neither party (the new partner or the one cheated on) has any knowledge of what is happening. Honesty and communication is important as anything less than that will result in heartbreak.

Tinder Communications Lead for Southern Europe Vicente Balbastre told Vice, “We at Tinder have always encouraged our members to complete their profile and try and be as transparent and authentic as possible. The explore feature in particular encourages us to show who we really are, without filters, so we can meet people who actually share the same interests.”

A 2018 study revealed that the reason partnered people use Tinder was to either look for hookups, or see what was out there on the dating market to estimate their own value. They also had a very relaxed approach expecting people to approach them first. Approximately half of the non-single people in the survey said that they had actually met up in person with someone from th app, while the other half said they didn’t follow through with meeting up.

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It appears that dating apps do aid cheaters as the swiping feature and heavy reliance on photos and the limitless nature of potential partners all make it hard to settle for just one person. Not that there weren’t cheating before these apps were invented unfortunately.

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