Uncategorized ‘Single’s Inferno’ all set for Season 2

‘Single’s Inferno’ all set for Season 2

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Netflix’s first South Korean dating show Single’s Inferno will feature a second season. The reality show which features drop dead gorgeous contestants on a deserted island has all the binge-worthy ingredients reality show fans can think of.

Single’s Inferno creators Kim Jae-Won and Kim Na-Hyundai have been waiting for Netflix to give them the green light and now the hunt begins for new contestants.

The premise of the show revolves around a group of contestants who are trying to find love and survive on a deserted island at the same time. Part of the excitement of the show is the inability to escape the island.

The contestants are given living quarters, a kitchen and small rest areas along a picturesque beach. In addition they have no refrigerator in the show and can only cook with the food provided and a wood-burning cauldron.

The objective of all this is to stay there for nine days and hopefully find love as they get to know each other with limited resources. To escape the island, they vote for the person they like and when the time comes if they match up, they get to go to a luxurious resort called Paradise.

Those who fail to partner up have to continue to stay on the ‘hell’ island.

The first season of the show premiered in January 2022 and even ranked in the Global Netflix Top 10 under the Non-English TV list for three consecutive weeks.

The show is directed by Ji Hyun-Sook and Lee Jeong-Hwa.

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