Asia Malaysia Social media users back Muhyiddin's call for opposition alliance

Social media users back Muhyiddin’s call for opposition alliance

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Social media users are expressing some support for a Muhyiddin-led coalition with the opposition.

Malaysian politics is complicated, with numerous warlords struggling for survival within fractured political groups and alliances.

If there is one place where analysts seek patterns and trends, it is social media. This is where they decide whether or not the public supports specific parties or leaders.

Before the Johor elections, The Independent was told that a trend on Twitter indicated that support was leaning towards the Barisan Nasional, implying that they would win the state handily.

It took place just as they expected. They also said PH will lose badly and the PKR or Keadilan of Anwar Ibrahim was hopeless in the Johor polls.

As for the youth input with Muda, or the youth party, the analysts dicing through Twitter said the party might make an impact but not to the point of winning many seats.

Nevertheless, what is it with Muhyiddin and the netizens?

Today, the Bersatu party said that it has mandated Muhyiddin, Malaysia’s shortest-serving Prime Minister, to explore an alliance with any opposition parties.

The fact that Muhyiddin is attempting to form an alliance to combat the Barisan Nasional and, it appears, Najib Razak, has warmed the hearts of several netizens.

They feel he is doing everything he can to oppose the ruling coalition, despite the fact that Muhyiddin’s party is a member of the ruling coalition.

His party holds cabinet positions, and some of the ministers are quite influential.

Former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad stated last week that Muhyiddin had sought him to get the support of his party, Pejuang, in Muhyiddin’s ambition to retake the PM’s seat.

Mahathir angrily refused the offer. However, some believe that an opposition alliance is still required to prevent Najib Razak and his party President Ahmad Zahid Hamidi from assuming power.

They claim that if Muhyiddin is successful in uniting the opposition, the so-called court cluster would be destroyed.

Here’s what some netizens said:

(Whatever it takes. So long as Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak and Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamid are imprisoned.)

Netizen Iqram al-Hafiz stated:

(You are accurate, Tan Sri. This is the greatest strategy to deal with the kleptocrats. The “court cluster” is despised by the public. Make the best decision for the people and the country. We are on your side.)

User Puteri Selendang Emas added:

(Wonderful, Abah. People do not want to be ruled by a “court cluster.” May your quest be fruitful)

Muhyiddin is referred to as Abah.


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