Sodomy, the devil and a high-profile murder rocks Coptic world in Egypt

Sodomy, the devil and a high-profile murder rocks Coptic world in Egypt

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It was high noon drama in a desert land in Egypt where a monk slashed his arms and tried to commit suicide by jumping from the Church. The devil was involved according to a lawyer, while a cover-up of homosexual activities led to the murder of the monastery’s lead bishop!

The attempted suicide by the monk prompted the killer of the bishop, Isaiah al-Makari, to confess to the murder of the high-profile leader at the monastery.

Isaiah, reports said, killed the bishop of the monastery to cover-up for homosexual activities there.

In July 2018, reported on a story of a Coptic bishop that was beaten to death in Egypt. The belief was the bishop was murdered by a Muslim.

It is true that there is a form of persecution of Christians by Muslims in Egypt, but new evidence suggests the persecutor was not a Muslim.

The killer was a homosexual who was attempting to cover up for his and other peoples’ homosexual activities at the monastery.

In addition, there are suggestions members of the Coptic Orthodox hierarchy were attempting to cover up the allegations of such activities altogether.

Monk business

The murder of the prominent bishop in the Coptic monastery in the Egyptian desert is now solved, The killer was a monk, screamed local papers.

The body of bishop Epiphanius was found in a pool of blood on July 29 at the entrance to his monastic cell in the Saint Macarius monastery, which lies on a desert road north-west of Cairo. The bishop received blows to the back of his skull.

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The accused monk, Isaiah al-Makari, was defrocked by the church days later but no mention was made of the murder or of the homosexual acts that took place at the monastery.

Prior to the murder, the monk was earlier under investigation but a group of his supporters requested that he should be fired and should remain at the church. A petition was signed and handed over to the bishop and to Pope Tawadros II. The pope is the head of the Coptic Church in Egypt.

The mystery of Epiphanius’ death deepened after a second monk, Faltaous al-Makary, attempted to kill himself by cutting his arteries and throwing himself from the roof a monastery building, before Isaiah al-Makari confessed to killing the bishop, said news reports.

Devil in disguise

The pope shut down his Facebook page, which one local news report attributed to a Facebook page set up set up by Faltaous.

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Al-Makari’s lawyer, Amir Nossif, declined to defend him after his confession. Nossif told the DMC television channel: “It’s impossible for me to participate in the killing of Bishop Epiphanius.”

The precise motive that drove the monk to carry out the killing remains a matter of speculation. “The devil controlled the monk,” said Nossif, who later added: “According to some monks, there were conflicts between the bishop and the other monks.”

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