Song Hye-Kyo on ‘Now, We Are Breaking Up’: ‘I’m certain there are...

Song Hye-Kyo on ‘Now, We Are Breaking Up’: ‘I’m certain there are viewers feel tired watching another melodrama by Song Hye-Kyo’

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South Korea — After a two-year hiatus, Song Hye-Kyo, a well-known Korean actress, experienced a range of emotions while making her second comeback with another melodrama.

“After tvN’s Encounter (2019), many fans have been waiting for my return to the small screen with another beautiful romance story, but I am certain that there are some viewers who already feel tired of watching another melodrama by Song Hye-Kyo.”

“This made me think a lot before choosing the series.”

In an online conference conducted by Korea Herald via The Star, Song, 39, said that she could encounter a wide range of experiences and learn new things as time goes on.

This inspires the actress to take on a seemingly comparable series, but much differently. It’s clear to the actress that she can exhibit another side of herself in the new series, Now, We Are Breaking Up


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Lee Gil-bok, the series’ director, was asked about the show’s distinguishing traits, and he responded that the series avoids fantasy genre cliches.

“One of the most important things that I focused on was drawing out the romance from ordinary couples.”

“The lead characters are mostly in their 30s, but there are many other great senior actors and child actors.

“With the wide-ranging age group, I think anyone can enjoy and sympathise with the storyline of the drama,” the director said.“Our project is a villain-free drama. Some may worry that viewers could get bored of the drama, but I sincerely believe that the heartwarming romance will make viewers fall in love with our drama,” Lee continued.

According to co-star Choi Hee-Seo, the drama’s chemistry and the real-life relationship between the three female characters can entice viewers who aren’t major romantic drama fans.

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“Though we met for the first time when we read the script together, all three of us were fans of each other and followed the previous projects.”

“We quickly became friends, just like the characters in the series, and talked a lot, creating an amazing synergy both on and off the camera,” Choi said.

When the three characters were acting, the director said he simply let the camera roll and was impressed with each performance.

The 16-episode series follows the lives of fashion firm design team leader Ha Young-Eun (Song), fashion company president Hwang Chi-sook (Choi), and housewife Yeon Mi-sook (Park Hyo-Joo), all of whom met as children and became friends.

“I did not expect to meet such amazing actors and production crew to gather in one place. I was a big fan of Song, but I never expected to meet her as a partner in the drama.”

“When we were shooting the scenes, I think we played a lot with making silly jokes. But Song surprises me every time with how she suddenly switches to Ha Young-Eun when cameras are around and makes me concentrate on my acting,” Jang said.

“Now, We Are Breaking Up” airs every Tuesday and Wednesday at 8:10 pm on One (Astro Ch 393). /TISG


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