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Song Hye Kyo takes a break to join book donation project




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Seoul — may be a while before fan favourite appears on screen again.

The Korean celebrity has been doing her part to make an impact on society. Song has reportedly joined a South Korean professor to donate books.

According to The Times, the Descendants of the Sun actress and Professor have contributed 10,000 Korean/English books to the historic .

The books that were donated focused on providing information “about the historic site of the Korean independence movement against Japan”. This initiative is reportedly a part of the “Refill Project”. The movement started last year with the motive to “refill” leaflets at historic Korean sites around the world.

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“I believe it is more important to keep ‘refilling’ the books than provide new ones at another site. This is our second for the project this year. The first contribution was made to the site of the Provisional of the Republic of Korea in Chongqing, ,” Prof Seo wrote on his Facebook page.

Song has reportedly been donating guidebooks and other items for more than nine years. These donations have been made to 22 historic sites.

She was in the news recently for showing her support to South Korean movie #ALIVE. The actress was at the special screening and shared a photo of it on her . She was in the audience to support her friend, also the lead actor of the zombie thriller, Yoo Ah In.

Song Hye Kyo has divorced from husband . Picture:

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In late June last year, her husband, Song Joong Ki, 34, filed for divorce and they became legally divorced in July.

The couple met on the set of hit drama 2016’s Descendants Of The Sun and they got married in 2017.

Since then, both have been busy with their respective activities. Song Hye Kyo, 38, has also not posted on her Instagram account for some time.

The actress reportedly stayed in New York for a short-term course at an art school after the New York Fashion Week in September last year.

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Meanwhile, Song Joong Ki is no longer a favourite with advertisers since his divorce. The news was not well-received by many fans. He is now paying the price with Korean media noting that there has been a significant drop in demand for him to endorse products or services.

The advertisers, according to experts, played it safe after noting that the divorce also caused ratings for his TV series Arthdal Chronicles to fall. /TISG

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