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Song Joong Ki goes on a family holiday at a luxurious villa

The actor chose a luxurious villa for his staycation spot, the SES The Cape Spa & Suite, situated in Namhae, in the Gyeongsang province




Korean actor went on a lavish vacation with his family recently. The villa that they stayed at costs SGD11.5K a night. Song Joong Ki’s brother uploaded a of him playing with his nephew. Since the coronavirus outbreak happened, most travel plans have been put on hold. The only travel we can go for is a and that is what Song Joong Ki opted for with his family.

The actor chose a luxurious villa for his staycation spot, the SES The South Cape Spa & Suite, situated in Namhae, in the South Gyeongsang province. The South Cape Spa & Suite has one of South ’s best golf courses as offers a panoramic view of the Namhae Ocean. The spot features a hotel and private villas furnished with designer interior. is reported that the villas cost 10 million won (SGD11.5K) per night.

Song Joong Ki giving presents to his nephews. Picture:

Visitors are guaranteed privacy during their stay there which is why Song Joong Ki selected the resort for his family staycation. The trip included his parents, older brother and his wife, younger sister and two nephews. Song Seung Ki, Song Jong Ki’s brother posted photos and videos of the family vacation on his personal Instagram account and it included an adorable of Song Joong Ki playing with his nephew.

Song Joong Ki gave his nephews presents during their stay. Fans of the actor are happy that Song Joong Ki is taking time off work to spend with his family.

“There’s been so much negative news surrounding him since his divorce [from Song Hye Kyo]. It’s good to see him living like a normal person for once,” a fan commented.

Fans swooned at the sight of the actor pushing his nephew around in an electric toy car. However, there was a person that made a rather killjoy comment: “I know it’s pointless saying this but I keep thinking about what a great father he would have been. What a pity…”

Song Joong Ki’s upcoming movie, Bogota stopped filming as it has become impossible for the cast and crew to shoot overseas. As for the actor, he has been staying out of the public eye since his divorce from his co-star Song Hye Kyo last June.



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