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Sonia Sui and Alyssa Chia’s children go to a kindergarten that costs SGD34k a year




Most parents, if not all parents always want the best for their and that includes going the extra mile to get them enrolled in prestigious schools.

A source recently told outlet Daily about an kindergarten in Taipei’s Tianmu neighbourhood where was allegedly attended by children of like Alyssa Chia, Sonia Sui and Ruby Lin. Reporters headed to the kindergarten to investigate and sure enough they spotted Alyssa’s husband Xiu Jie Kai together with fellow Taiwanese actor Gabriel Lan patiently waiting outside the gate for their kids to finish class.

Alyssa Chia sends her daughters to an expensive school. Picture: Instagram

Soon after, Sonia’s husband Tony Hsieh left the school with their eldest son, five-year-old Max. Tony was spotted greeting Jie Kai but because he was sporting a mask, Jie Kai seemed confused at first. He quickly nodded back when he recognised was. Reporters also saw Alyssa’s car circling the school as there were no available parking spots. Eventually, she had to stop at the side of the road to let Jie Kai off to pick up their daughters, five-year-old ‘Bubu’ and three-year-old ‘Bobo’.

For those want to prepare their children for studying abroad in the , European schools like this are one of the the top choices. Daily reported that tuition fees can cost around NT$720,000 (S$34,000) a year. That doesn’t even include things like meals, extracurricular classes etc. Based on the crowd, the extravagant tuition fees have not stopped parents from enrolling their children although it is not surprising if they have deep pockets.

The report states that long before school ended for the day at 3pm, there were already rows of “imported” (read: expensive) vehicles parked outside.

Fellow Ruby and her husband Wallace Huo were not spotted on the same day as the other but it is believed that their , three-year-old ‘Little Dolpin’ also goes to the same school.



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