World Athletics and Sony Corporation have announced an exciting new agreement that will run for three years, from 2024 to 2026. Starting this March in Glasgow, Scotland, at the World Athletics Indoor Championships, Sony will be the official sponsor of every World Athletics Series event.

As the Entertainment, Technology, and Services (ET&S) division of the Sony Group Corporation, Sony advances innovation by perfectly combining cutting-edge technology and athleticism to improve the global sporting experience. Prepare yourself for an exciting new era of top-tier sports, made possible by Sony’s dynamic sponsorship.

Sony and support for creators

Sony Corporation is persistently supporting the Sony Group in partnership with creators to create the future of entertainment. The company is driven by the mission to continuously give “Kando” (emotion) and “Anshin” (peace of mind) globally through the pursuit of technology and inventive challenges. An article from atheleticsillustrated mentioned.

This dedication includes our participation in five World Athletics Series events, which culminate on the grand stage of Paris, and our role as a significant player in the top Olympic sport, athletics, where the eyes of the world focus throughout the year.

Recent developments in the marathon world have caused alarm, with elite runners drawn to the World Athletics-branded events in Mumbai, India, and Xiamen, China, by the promise of large appearance fees, only to find themselves confronted with unforeseen difficulties.

The two runners

The focus was on two runners: Kibiwott Kandie, the previous world half-marathon record holder, and Philemon Kipchumba, the reigning champion. Interestingly, Kandie left the Xiamen Marathon early, having completed the first 20 kilometers.

This unexpected development has sparked conversations among runners and drawn attention to the intricacies of these high-stakes contests, where even seasoned competitors are finding themselves pulling out earlier than expected.

Unexpectedly, not a single one of the elite athletes highlighted in the preview for the Xiamen Marathon finished the race. Lelisa Desisa, an Ethiopian runner, led the Gold-Label men’s race at the Mumbai Marathon on January 21, while Tadelach Bekele, a two-time Amsterdam Marathon champion, topped the women’s field.

Unfortunately, despite their strong starts, neither competitor finished the race, which brought an unexpected twist to the proceedings and left onlookers curious for further information.

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