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South Korean actor Shin Dong Wook making comeback after painful episode

Money he has donated has helped a patient with the same condition to receive treatment




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Seoul — Actor recently revealed the current state  of his and shared his happiness over being able to lend a hand to someone else going through the same issues.

Speaking in an interview after the conclusion of the drama My Unfamiliar Family, he was asked about dealing with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome ().

is a rare condition that results in chronic neuropathic pain. Patients with the condition can experience severe pain over even a minor amount of stimulation with the pain going on even after the injury has recovered.

Shin Dong Wook returned to filming after a long hiatus. Picture:

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In 2010, Shin was diagnosed with CRPS during his mandatory military service.

After he was discharged, he spent six years struggling with the chronic pain condition. He resumed acting three years ago and was in the drama The Guardian.

“I think my health is improving a lot,” he said. “I’m managing my health by taking medication. I’ve been going to the hospital a lot less.” He added: “I didn’t feel a lot of discomfort while I was filming either.”

“I feel a bit of discomfort when ’s cold in the winter, but doesn’t everyone have something a bit wrong with them?” he said. “I don’t consider as a flaw, and I try to think of as something that’s natural.”

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The actor shared his hopes to encourage individuals with CRPS. He said: “To be honest, the condition I have is very difficult. So I really hope that many people will see me and be able to gain the courage and strength to return to their daily lives.”

He said his doctor told him early this year that a patient with CRPS had been able to receive treatment thanks to the money Shin  had donated. “I realised that I’ve been a small help to someone when I heard that, and I felt happy and like I was about to cry,” he said.

Shin, 37, shared that acting is even more precious to him after such a long hiatus. “I find acting really enjoyable and I want to act in a lot of projects,” he said. “Regardless of whether something is a lead or supporting role, I’m prioritising working with good actors in good projects.” /TISG

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