Thursday, October 6, 2022
South Korean popstar Kang Daniel is taking a break to recover from...

South Korean popstar Kang Daniel is taking a break to recover from depression and panic disorder

The K-Pop star is receiving treatment with psychotherapy and medication and has severe anxiety

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K-Pop singer and songwriter Kang Daniel is on a hiatus from the entertainment industry.

Konnect Entertainment, his management company released a statement to the media saying that the 22-year-old is focusing on recovering from health problems.

K-Pop culture website Soompi quoted Konnect’s statement saying that Kang had been diagnosed with depression and panic disorder.

The K-Pop star is receiving treatment with psychotherapy and medication.

The agency said that Kang Daniel recently expressed severe symptoms of anxiety, though he did his best to stay grounded and not falter in a constantly changing environment. The agency then reached the conclusion that sufficient rest and stability is of the highest priority for the artiste’s health and safety.

Konnect Entertainment cancelled the pre-recording for MBC Music’s Show Champion that was scheduled for 4 December in the morning. This is because it is not possible for Kang Daniel to carry out his upcoming activities normally.

Konnect added that the truth is that it is difficult to continue promotions for his digital single Touchin in this situation.

The agency will keep in mind its responsibility to protect its artistes as well as take measures to assist Kang in his recovery.

It also requested that the public refrain from speculating and causing any misunderstanding regarding Kang Daniel’s health and future activities.

Photo: Screengrab from Instagram

The agency will keep the public informed about his recovery.

Korean website Koreaboo said fans have been concerned about Kang after he posted messages on his social media about how he was afraid and tired due to malicious comments.

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On Tuesday the star said life was difficult, and he is tired of reaching out for help.

He also said everything he did had become a source of ridicule.

According to him, people hated his fans for supporting him.

Kang Daniel has been putting up with rumours and hate comments since his boy group Wanna One days.

The singer and songwriter also said that it has come to a point where he is afraid of the sun rising again the next day and he is afraid of any news report that has his name.

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Kang also said he knew of people who cursed him and taint his personality with rumours. -/TISG

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