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In a fiery statement on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Speaker Mike Johnson made it clear that former President Donald Trump won’t be dictating the terms for how Republican lawmakers handle a border security deal. “He’s not calling the shots. I am calling the shots for the House, that’s our responsibility,” Johnson emphasized during the Sunday appearance.

This revelation comes amid a growing bipartisan effort in the Senate to finalize a border deal that Speaker Mike Johnson has labeled a “nonstarter in the House.” Johnson’s criticism centers around the belief that the proposed bill lacks sufficient measures to secure the border.

Last week, Speaker Mike Johnson took the stage on the House floor to scrutinize specific aspects of the Senate legislation, expressing concern over rumors that the president might be granted the power to shut down the border after 5,000 individuals illegally enter the country. Johnson called this notion “madness” and argued for a zero-tolerance approach.

The Speaker on the Legislation

Johnson contended that President Biden possesses the executive authority to address border issues without relying on legislation. “The president has executive authority right now as Congress does this negotiation and the debate and discussion, the president could stop it,” Johnson asserted. “He could close the border, literally, overnight.”

Despite several Republican lawmakers expressing opposition to the deal, Johnson revealed that he hasn’t been briefed by the Senate on the specifics of the proposed legislation. “I’ve had individual senators call and give me tips and offered things that are going on in the room, but we have not been a part of that negotiation,” he stated.

Meanwhile, President Biden has argued that he requires additional authority from lawmakers to take decisive action on the border. He added that if given the authority and faced with an overwhelmed border, he would not hesitate to “shut it down.”

The clash between GOP leaders and the administration intensifies as the debate over border security continues.

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